DJ mattcatt - Gallery

Glastonbury Festival Mandala Stage 1996


These pictures taken of me DJ-ing over the years. Ever the maverick, i chose to make my collection as portable and low-impact as possible.From field recordings on cassettes and minidisc compilations to USB and digital devices with midi controllers.

I've always worked with what i have and let the music speak for itself, my current setup is by far the most versatile and allows for more mash-up possibilities with indexed playlists (i.e. BPM and Key) plus access to cloud based music.

Shambino 2021

Prohibition 2018, BSTD 2004, Legs n Co. 2006

Essence 2009,Base 2005 and Critical Mass New Year2k

Love Box 2012, Heavenly Social 2004, Magic Garden Pub 2014

Shindig 2019

Secret Garden 2013 / Green gathering 2019

Summer Fusion 2019 / The Gillery 2019

Festival 8 silent Disco 2016-2019

World Record Back to Back DJ attempt 2019

Livestreaming on Twitch TV 2020-21

Wedding Event 2021