technical assistance

I have a lifetime of experience with installation, upgrades, troubleshooting, repair and replacement for all devices.

Over the years I have gathered a number of skills from my interest in technology and its effect on our daily lives. At first I desired the latest and greatest gadgets i could afford but soon grew weary of the disparity between the sales pitch and the products/services offered. Often it was software that needed to be updated, but also compatibility issues emerged across different operating systems and generations of devices.

In my quest to resolve my own technical frustrations I have developed a toolkit of solutions that can be as easy as re-booting a system or speed reading the instructions provided, then liaising with tech support hotlines, user groups and forums or merely suggesting replacements.

Each task is unique so listing examples here feels a bit academic. Suffice as to say I am a knowledge worker who likes nothing better than seeing a problem fixed or a clients life made easier by my intervention.

Digital design and multimedia production. Web sites, graphics, audio and video, CD-R and D.V.D. authoring.

A more creative set of knowledge work skills gleaned from my own experience of digital media and content creation. I have used a number of software packages to edit text, image, video and sound for various projects. The end result could be online or to distributed media such as CD or DVD. I work with my clients to realize their concept and project goals using the resources and budget available and have been project manager and creative director for a number of larger scale projects too.

Batch processing, data management. Managing stock inventory, archiving assets, condensing workflow.

This service is very much a subset of the above creative process but one none the less i see there being a market for, developing workflow and managing the task of larger volumes of digital assets isn't as technically challenging but it is repetitive and in some cases tedious. I have put my self to task in order to meet a project goal. Annotating books for an online book store, converting audio cassettes to cd-r are two examples of my batch processing work.

Development and training, skill share.

Communicating, evaluating and motivating. Investing in life skills. Anything I have learned, I am willing to teach as part of my knowledge work, I am a great believer in personal empowerment and derive a lot of satisfaction from seeing others develop. If I can provide support through training and skill share then i am more than happy to do so.