Community Arts 

Incredible Bus Stop - Heyrod

2018-22 we campaigned to breathe new life into this local Landmark.

Creative Social Action

Over the years i have dedicated a portion of my time to community facing projects. Events have also been a means to raising awareness and funds for different causes and a similar skillset is needed to manage a meet-up as with a musical gathering.

I find that there is a lasting quality to these projects which generates positive outcomes for many years after. I've done a variety of things, from demonstrating Appropriate Technology at festivals to working on arts and crafts projects for urban permaculture. 

My interest in these areas has grown more as i've gotten older and whilst much activity has been done as a volunteer, i am aware of funding and partnership opportunities which allow me to earn sessional fees and acquire valuable resources for the communities involved. I welcome partnerships & collaborators.

Below are some links to recent projects. I hope to present a wide range of making and problem solving skills with this portfolio and put no limits on the potential of future projects.

Our Space @ The Vale Arts 

Over the last 6 months I have been part of a team transforming the outdoor area of our local arts space with permaculture know how. We are very pleased with it so far and look forward to extending the planting around the building.

September 2021

We opened the new venue with building work outside still ongoing, it was another 6 months before we started the permaculture planting.

August 2022

A year later we are hosting 'Vale, Ale and A Garden Trail' event attracted new visitors and the space provided activities for it.

Living Willow

Creating Natural Spaces

Beekeeping day

Skill Sharing made fun

Water Play

Edu-tainment Projects

The Vale Arts - Mossley, Gtr Manchester.

The Vale Arts is based in a former mill building with a cotton rich history.

It now has a brand new venue facilities and workshop space.

Active Citizens Seminar 2019
Bringing global projects together.

Mosaic workshop

Mammoth Trail

Lucky Dip Gift Boxes

Recreate Workshop

Breaking Ground on Valeside Community Garden (2018)

Before and after we added the art wall and planting with a bee theme. Collaboration with Re-Create Mossley.

It now has a fire pit and benches. 

Here being enjoyed on NYE 21/22

Making Edible Landscapes

Community Engagement

The Wheel Garden

Phantasmagoria - Ashton-Under-Lyne 

Phantasmagoria provides confidence through creativity, it has a workshop and emporium and provides a fun and inclusive space for all ages.

Initially I helped install the lighting to their magic portal and shelving units.
Their J2W programme gave me a lot of insights into project development too.

I also helped to edit the website

For Tameside's '12 days of Xmas - Window Wonderland' 2019 We made a suitcase theatre vignette of the 8 maids milking with lights and kinetics.

Custom Cables

Spaceship Trail

Shelf Lights

Mechanical Hand