Roxy the Brox Cycle

This is my multi-purpose Human Powered Vehicle (HPV) project built in 2010 and currently in storage in London.

The Brox bike HPV was originally built in the 1990's and came as a basic frame with a range of additional body parts to suit different businesses such as courier companies and pedicab providers. This particular bike had been stolen, recovered and donated to the Bikeworks charity in east London. They got it back on the road and i took it on with the help from one of their engineers built a whole new section to serve as a cargo / passenger area.

We were influence by carts, chariots and modular constructions. The seat was fashioned from a single bed headrest and Jules my engineer had the brilliant idea to make the back board fold-able so the rear area could carry a long object such as a sofa or fridge.

Other improvements were made by another bike genius, Spider at ecoChariots who replaced the bearings and fitted new rear brakes and gear hub as well as welding mesh walls. I used it extensively around London and at some of the festivals i attended between 11-13. I particularly enjoyed dressing it up for carnival parades or helping bands transport stage kit from parking to stage. We even restocked the cafe when the mud brought traffic to a standstill at Glastonbury with it's pull bars, roxy can be dismounted and pulled though any amount of quag!

sadly Ive moved to the hills of cheshire and tempting as it is to have roxy here with me i would definately need to add a motor so instead look to have her rehoused to somewhere suitable. If you are interested in owning this unique HPV then do get in contact.