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I enjoy creating great events. From family celebrations to festivals via venues of all shapes and sizes, putting on shows is in my DNA and I have a range of skills to offer.

As a DJ: I'm best known for my 'Global' sound that mixes music from many genres, and have done countless gigs and live-streams. I play a range of sounds from all around, blending beats from chilled vibes through classic grooves to future tunes and beyond, mashing up the familiar with the unexpected and curating sets to suit all occasions.

When not behind the decks, I take on other jobs that need doing within an event and I try to be a flexible asset to any organisation I work with. You might also see me in the car-park or working box office, serving food and drink, keeping FOH tidy or backstage with the artists, versatility is key to managing events especially in a community setting.

Over the years I have developed a passion for carnival and community arts which is providing new opportunities to grow and develop ideas. My website shows a range of events based activities from clubs, concerts and festivals to community garden meet-ups and street parades as well as my own projects working with appropriate technology and assemblage. It's a glimpse into my world, I look forward to sharing more with you.

On BiBi the big bike outside the Vale in Mossley

Introducing BiBi
The Big Bike for the Bee Network

I am delighted to have received funding from Transport for Greater Manchester to purchase this Longtail e-cargo bike from Estarli. I've already been out and about delivering posters for upcoming shows at the Vale with whom I have partnered for this project. It's a very smooth ride and has great carrying capacity. I look forward to this years events and testing the range and load potential.

Our Space permaculture garden
carbon literacy cirtificate

Community Activities

An increasing part of my development work is centred around improving quality of life within our community using permaculture and art. I cannot overstate the value of these areas for connecting us to nature and each other, and that's before we talk about the foods, fibres and medicines they produce. 

Our Space at the Vale is into it's second year of growing and there are already plans to expand around the building and join up with another project tapping into an adjacent brook to produce hydro-electric power for net zero events in the venue. I am committed to working in a sustainable way and helping others to reach net zero.

For more about this click here.

Coming Soon: Community Power 2024 Project Update.

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Recent Events & Projects

shirley the hydro turbine

Hydro - Community Power for net zero events

wading about in the brook

I have been working with the hydro team to generate kinetic power from the brook next to the venue. We will trickle charge the grid then draw out what we need for our events.

making things with Jon Mambo

As well as cleaning up  the brook we are learning new skills, working with appropriate technology. We have already secured a grant to add solar power into the mix.


Rimmon's Interactive Waterplay

Flyer for event

Initially built for the OurSpace rain garden, this project grew into a standalone sideshow for Vale events. Players had to channel as much water as needed to turn the wheel of tea spoons. Easy to play, difficult to master.

rimmon's interactive waterplay challenge

Using 80% upcycled parts, it presented a unique challenge that reflected our own experience of generating power from nature. It also allowed us to talk more generally about the hydrological cycle and how important it is in this area...

The good Earth Community

Our Space 2023

now working together as the
Good Earth Community

Our Space open day

We have made great progress and are now developing other areas around the Vale Mill. the regular saturday meet-ups have been popular with local families.

Muddy Buddies Gardens

In addition to this we provided an outreach project for Muddy Buddies at Mossley Youth Base.

Flyer for GEMS

2023 was all about relocating and for much of the year, my new home was uncertain. Subsequently I didn't get out and about as much to do festivals etc.

Home Studio

having the home studio, allowed me to livestream to twitch.tv and stay connected with the audience I built up over lockdown. Now I've moved and set up my new studio, I'm livestreaming again and using it as a way to network for future bookings. 

Magic Garden Pub London

Magic Garden

It's great to be back.

The Artic Fox tail end

Blue Dot 2022

Puppeteering at the Parade.

Arctic Fox Head First

Kendal Calling 2022

Image cc. Global Grooves

Glastonbury 22 Toad Hall

Glastonbury 2022

Toad Hall - Green Futures Field



View from the booth

Small World Stage

Small World Stage

Another memorable evening.

The Gillery Pub


B'earthday Bash April 2022

Shindig 2022

Shindig 2022

SS Nautylicious

Hobo Stage = Shindig Festival

Hobo Stage

Fun is where you find it...

Stalybridge Winter Carnival

Street Carnival

with Global Grooves

Blue Dot Festival

Festival Fun

at Blue Dot 2019

Party Set-up

For HIre: Sound System and digital decks.

What I can do for you

DJ and event host

P.A. & Livestream

Production Assistant

Venue and Artist liaison

Front of House / Box Office

Stewarding / Fire Safety / First Aid