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Summer News

I decided not to apply for any festivals this year, it's a process that starts in winter with reaching out and making booking arrangements for up to 6 months in advance. I am facing uncertainty with life at home and simply couldn't commit to anything that would take me away for a week at a time, nor subject me to an over priced diet of street food and drinks as part of the weekend excess.

My kids are moving out and it's a big one for me, closing a 10 year chapter that brought me from London to Manchester and into my middle age. As a fifty-something 'GenX' type, i know the show ain't over yet, but I am having to prioritise keeping homelife sorted over being out and about; avoiding the crisis caused by indifference and dreaming of a sustainable future with more great experiences. I am sorry that we can't be in a field together, but never say never moving forward. 

I am available for bookings enquiries and have got a couple of private events to look forward to this summer. I will of course post any public shows and live stream news here. 

Stay tuned and see you on the dance floor real soon.

Vale Arts  2021

Shindig 2019

About Matt Catt

I enjoy creating great events. From family celebrations to festivals via venues of all shapes and sizes, putting on shows is in my DNA and I have a range of skills to offer.

As a DJ: I'm best known for my 'Global' sound that mixes music from many genres, and have done countless gigs and live-streams. I play a range of sounds from all around, blending beats from chilled vibes through classic grooves to future tunes and beyond, mashing up the familiar with the unexpected and curating sets to suit all occasions.

When not behind the decks, I take on other jobs that need doing within an event and I try to be a flexible asset to any organisation I work with. You might also see me in the car-park or working box office, serving food and drink, keeping FOH tidy or backstage with the artists, versatility is key to managing events especially in a community setting.

Over the years I have developed a passion for carnival and community arts which is providing new opportunities to grow and develop ideas. My website shows a range of events based activities from clubs, concerts and festivals to community garden meet-ups and street parades as well as my own projects working with appropriate technology and assemblage. It's a glimpse into my world, I look forward to sharing more with you.

Recent events

Magic Garden

It's great to be back.

Blue Dot 2022

Puppeteering at the Parade.

Kendal Calling 2022

Image cc. Global Grooves

Glastonbury 2022

Toad Hall - Green Futures Field


View from the booth

Small World Stage

Another memorable evening.


B'earthday Bash April 2022

Shindig 2022

SS Nautylicious

Hobo Stage

Fun is where you find it...

Street Carnival

with Global Grooves

Festival Fun

at Blue Dot 2019

Community Arts 

An increasing part of my development work is centred around improving quality of life within our community using permaculture and public facing art. I cannot overstate the value of garden activity for aiding recovery and breaking cycles of isolation, and that's before we talk about the foods, fibres and medicines they produce. The 'Right to Grow' initiative proposed by incredible edible should mean we will see more projects get going in the coming months, for which I'm keen to be a part.

For more about this click here.

For HIre: Sound System and digital decks.

What I can do for you

DJ and event host

P.A. & Livestream

Production Assistant

Venue and Artist liaison

Front of House / Box Office

Stewarding / Fire Safety / First Aid