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Over the last year and a half I have been working with a local arts and craft group who meet every wednesday to make things, share ideas and drink tea. 

Originally called crafty brew we were funded and managed directly by the The Vale art space in Mossley. Since january 2017 we have become an independent organisation built up of about 10 regular members but now seeking to expand outwards into the community. We've just applied for our first funding grant from Mossley Town Council with whom we hope to be working more closely with in the future.

Our aim is to give opportunities for local residents to socialise, learn new skills and contribute to the wider community through creative activity. We also make an attempt to contribute to environmental sustainability in our choice of projects and materials.

Since joining, I have taken part in workshops that have made lanterns from willow withies for the Mossley Light Festival, plaster cast mouldings to make papier mache, upcycled furniture plus helped with construction of carnival costumes and set pieces for a wide number of regional events. There have also been workshops in Batique, screen printing and card art. 

Sessions run for 2 hours and we each contribute £2 for running costs and materials.

It is an exciting time as we reach out to other local groups and events and already have several projects penned in for the coming months. For me it's the opportunity to practice my creativity and find new ways of engaging with others. It certainly breaks the spell of isolation I have been experiencing since i moved out of London and it is a joy to meet other like minded folk who enjoy nothing better than to get together, drink tea and make nice things.

Moving forward, I look forward to sharing more images of our makings, for now here's a taste of what we've been doing. If you are local and want to get involved please join our facebook group.