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Summer-y Bulletin

posted May 23, 2018, 2:33 AM by Matt Catt   [ updated May 24, 2018, 2:39 AM ]

Its been challenging last few months with equipment failure and personal matters hampering my festival preparations but i feel that the show must go on and i will be coming to play some music at this years Shindig Weekender.

Since I moved away from London, Many of the events that i enjoyed going to, slipped from grasp. Part of the experience was the getting there and I am a keen fan of lift sharing; often teaming up with others to make the journey more manageable. Now I'm in a new environment and finding my festival kin locally is proving to be a bit trickier. I'd love to use the train a lot more too as my kit is portable, alas it's cheaper to fly abroad than it is to travel across our own island which always infuriates me. 

If needs be then I shall relish the ride, the window on the world whooshing by is a thing of great value compared to the tiny peep holes on planes and all journeys have their assorted interactions, and even start to be fun once the travel anxiety has dissipated and I know I'm getting there.

UPDATE: - By the power of social media I appear to be doing a mixture of train and lift share, fingers crossed this will all run smoothly....

If you're coming to Shindig then do come and find me.

Or later in the year at Festival 8. More news on that soon.