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Spring '17 news

posted Mar 1, 2017, 3:26 PM by Matt Catt   [ updated May 31, 2017, 3:48 AM ]

I've emerged from winter slumber, a time of regeneration and contemplation for the coming year.

There have been a number of times recently when I've considered retiring my mattcatt purrsona, hang up the DJ headphones, and pack away the making materials. The truth is I am simply not motivated by money so the prospect of creating a fiscal success has been challenging as I shy away from taking risks or indulging in the dark arts of intensive marketing. I'm aware of the need to be competitive, but perhaps i'd prefer to earn my living another way.

In truth I feel I have a big enough job on being a single parent to 2 teens and the notion of compromising my duties in order to try and hustle a buck is frankly quite daunting, especially if it doesnt go according to plan. So I've been adopting the slow and steady approach and trying my best to stay in tune with the seasons.

Last autumn I started a regular saturday morning radio show on It was good learning experience especially from a technical viewpoint and i met some great people who have inspired me with their music and presentation style.  I just found that I was struggling to cultivate a regular audience and the general consensus was that Saturday morning wasn't the best time to reach my regular listeners. Add to that a series of irregular server outages and I felt like I wasn't able to promote the show to the general public. I've since been in discussion with my old radio station GFFR and will be making announcements as timeslots get confirmed.

My live DJ shows have been on hold since my 2 shows for Prohibition and Strange Daze last year. I'm hoping to do more with Emma and Chris in the future as well as for other local events organizers I met through reelhouse. It will mean adding a few extra folders of music to my collection in order to appease the locals but I'm confident I can find a happy balance of what I'm used to playing and opening up to new sounds and styles, especially if they do get people dancing. I'm also planning a trip to London for my birthday in April and so will be doing a show or two there too.

Where I'm making the most progress is with my maker craft and have been instrument in the transformation of the local group that I work with to provide a space for people of all ages to have a go at various creative activities. formally known as 'crafty brew' we have reformed as ReCreate and are in the process of getting funding so we can carry on with a number of projects for the year ahead. Some of this will be making items for events so I think it's time to merge my arts n crafts side with my musical side and complete the 'mobile disco' installation i currently have in the cabin.

Once again it's all to play for and whilst I may think that I don't have a lot to offer, the fact is I have more than enough to be getting on with for now. Who know's my lucky break could be waiting for me just around the next corner, so onwards upwards and outwards we go into the future and with a spring in the step. Here's my last DJ mix to get you in the mood for summer, let's have some fun whilst we work. Enjoy