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Happy new you !

posted Jan 12, 2016, 4:52 AM by Matt Catt   [ updated Sep 20, 2016, 2:16 AM ]

Welcome to my first blog entry of 2016. I have been getting to grips with my new device an apple iPad mini2. I am even using dictation capabilities to write this blog with nothing more than my voice which I find pretty impressive as it also allows free flow of thought. It's not entirely accurate and I still find myself having to go back and correct but for the main part it's interesting to see the words appear on the screen as I speak them.

2015 was a tough, not as tough as 2014 but still challenging as I got to grips with life as a loan parent. My biggest sacrifice is as a DJ, making the decision that I simply cannot do all the shows that I am offered, In fact the process of establishing myself in a new area is practically impossible without a support network in place for my family and our pets. Also living outside of the major city has it's limitations with transport. So I turn to the Internet and rely on my radio show as an outlet for sharing the music that I am collecting.

The Global groove show which I host fortnightly on GFFR allows me to play from the comfort of my home. The next show will be on 20th January and fortnightly thereafter, tune in between 2000 and 22:00 hours GMT. I am also on the lookout for other radio station opportunities so if you heard me play and want to book me on your station then please contact me.

Since we erected the cabin in the garden I have been gradually spending more time working with my hands on craft projects. In addition to this I am attending the crafty brew club at the vale arts Centre in Mosley. I find making things to be very therapeutic and rewarding. The Vale Centre is a great place with lots of different activities for everyone and I hope in the future to be more involved. For now I'm happy that there is somewhere local to go and be creative.

The cold winter months have meant that the garden hasn't been getting as much attention as we move closer to spring all that will change as we prepare for the growing season. Far from being separate to my studio activities, The garden is a source of inspiration and seeing how things grow in the natural world reminds me of elements of the creative process everything happens in its own time and you must first plant seeds, before you can reap the fruits. Watch this space for further developments and I look forward to sharing more produce with you as the year unfolds.