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cabin workshop

This is relatively new development for me, having wanted an extra space to put my tools and projects. Where i could draw inspiration from my surroundings and work without compromise to domestic duties.

The choice to use a corner shaped summerhouse was arrived at after weighing up pros and cons of different shaped builds and materials verses creating a structure from scratch out of up-cycled materials. It provided a good shaped workspace and best of all, it lets in so much light.

The space in side has storage along the back wall and then a work area by one window and a development area by the other. the garden also forms part of the space in providing endless inspiration, whilst I am working I am in contact with the elements and with nature. I'd like to add solar power to the roof or even a gazebo for vines and water collection but for now I am happy to have a place to tinker and develop projects in. The first piece completed - Mobinos has already found it's way to Festival8 as an art exhibit for next years event. We are limited only by our imagination when considering the cabin's potential to create.